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Please review our terms and conditions and sign below to indicate your commitment to these. These terms and conditions govern the sale of Ooni products to authorised Ooni resellers in order to maintain our reputation for high-quality products and to protect our network of retail partners.


Payment is due in advance of shipping any order. Payments can be made via bank transfer details of these bank details can be found on your invoice. Payer is liable for any bank charges.


Delivery costs are dependent on order size and delivery address. A quote will be provided on reciept of your order. We offer collection from our warehouses should you wish to organise your own shipping.
Deliveries will be marked as complete by the signature of the client. Any discrepancy within deliveries should be noted on the delivery note or shipping document and advised to the driver at the of delivery.

RRP (Recommended Retail Price)

For GBP and EUR pricing, current and up to date retail pricing can be found above and on our websites (uk.ooni.com, eu.ooni.com).

Third Party Websites Restrictions

Ooni products must not be sold by our retail/distribution partners on third party sites, such as Amazon, eBay, Jet.com, etc.

Ooni Intellectual Property

Ooni supplies all retailers with a set of approved imagery, technical data and products descriptions. It is prohibited for retailers to copy and use any Ooni copyrighted text, images or other graphics. These include product descriptions and photos on Oonis websites, social media and other listings. It is also prohibited to mimic Ooni websites or other online assets so that visitors are lead to believe they’re buying from Ooni and not a retailer.

Ooni Non-disclosure

All information disclosed about pricing, marketing, present and future products and release dates is private and confidential. Disclosing confidential information will result in termination of the wholesale account. All public information can be found at ooni.com or ooni.com/pages/support.

Official Ooni Online Properties

It is prohibited for retailers and distributors to solicit on Ooni’s first party websites and social media pages for example by leaving comments on pages such as ooni.com/blogs/recipes, Ooni Community Group on Facebook, our Instagram feed etc.

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